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  • Cisco accused of data theft

    Cisco is accused of stealing thousands of proprietary and copyrighted data files from third-party services nemesis, Multiven, which filed a complaint against the company with law enforcement authorities in the US and Switzerland.

  • Setback for SAP in Oracle suit

    Oracle has won a battle regarding the way damages can be calculated in its intellectual property lawsuit against SAP, according to a ruling filed Jan. 28 in US District Court for the Northern District of California.

  • Microsoft in patent suit

    Parallel Networks has filed a lawsuit in the US over two patents, which it was granted the patents in 1999 and 2002, and which it alleges Microsoft is willfully infringing.

  • IBM lawsuit against ex-employee resolved

    It appears that the saga of Mark Papermaster has finally come to an end, as Apple announced on Tuesday that the former IBM vice president would officially be taking his post as senior vice president of devices hardware engineering, beginning on April 24.

  • Google sued for patent infringement

    GraphOn, a developer of server-based application publishing and web-enabling software, has filed a lawsuit alleging that Google's Base, AdWords, Sites and YouTube services infringe on four GraphOn patents.

  • SanDisk sues

    SanDisk is suing 25 companies, including South Korean giant LG Electronics, for allegedly infringing patents used in removable flash storage products including MP3 players and USB flash drives.

  • New iPhone lawsuit seeks $3.4B in damages

    A class-action lawsuit targeting Apple and AT&T, filed last week in federal court, accuses the companies of illegally conspiring to tie iPhone customers to the telecom company's wireless network.