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  • How to leave a lasting legacy as a manager

    As managers, we all get caught up in the daily exigencies of the job. Subordinates constantly ask for or need direction. Bosses demand status updates and results. Clients and users want us to make their work easier or even possible. When your days seem like a blizzard of interruptions, are you ever able to do anything that might make a long-term difference?

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  • The finance dilemma: Rising expectations, diminishing returns

    Financial services firms are intently focused on the challenges of competing in fast-changing, competitive markets. At these firms, finance executives and managers are expected to play a pivotal role by supplying visibility into financial performance and helping to shape strategic direction. Yet many finance executives are bogged down by inefficient legacy financial management systems that lack flexibility and provide limited insight into the business. Labor-intensive manual processes and data silos are undercutting the ability of finance executives to innovate, help drive growth and achieve business objectives.