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  • Mashups feature at Web 2.0 gathering

    Big vendors like Oracle, IBM and Microsoft were all over the show floor at the Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco at the end of last month, testimony that new web-based technologies are making their way into the enterprise. But some attendees are still wondering, what is an enterprise mashup, and what will it do for me?

  • Gartner's top 10 strategic technologies for 2008

    Which technologies must any good IT executive examine in 2008? The list includes green power, unified communications, virtualization, mashups and social software.
    Gartner has identified the “Top 10 Strategic Technologies for 2008”, and is urging IT executives to think about the risk of not implementing each one. If your competitor masters one of these technologies and you don't, will you be at a strategic disadvantage?

  • AJAX alliance recognises mashups

    The OpenAjax Alliance, formed to boost interoperability in the AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) realm, has put forth an aggressive roadmap that recognises the growing trend toward mashups.

  • DEMO woman scopes New Zealand tech

    Last month Chris Shipley quietly spent 15 days touring Australia and New Zealand, scoping out the state of IT development in the region, and ended up picking out a Kiwi company she likes the look of.

  • Mashup sites: imaginative, but potentially a risk

    Mashups — the new web genre —maybe popular, but there is insufficient control regarding both information accuracy and security, attendees at a recent Canadian conference heard. The result could be that mashups ride roughshod over the rights of the original information owners.

  • In praise of mashups

    It was inevitable that someone would coin the phrase “enterprise mashup” and SOA analyst Phil Wainewright seems to have got there first. A mashup, for those not at the white-hot centre of Silicon Valley’s latest craze, is a composite web application.