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  • Microsoft trains Colombian ex-paramilitaries ... in ICT

    Former paramilitary fighters in Colombia may be able to shoot a gun far better than they can fire off an email, but that could change soon thanks to a new programme — partly funded by Microsoft — that aims to train the ex-combatants to use computers.

  • ACC rolls out $130 million pilot claims system

    The Accident Compensation Corporation will roll out a pilot of its new $130 million claims management system at its Wellington branch and contact centre this month. A nationwide roll out is planned for February and March.

  • Microsoft’s open source management play

    A couple of weeks ago, I took BEA to task for insinuating that the open source community wasn’t capable of delivering good management tools for its software. A few readers leapt to the company’s defence: BEA is right, they said. The management capabilities of open source software are often pretty poor.

  • MAF ditches Novell in switch to MS

    The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry is migrating from Novell to Microsoft for its back-end systems, following the lead of many other government agencies.

  • Microsoft and Apple eyed for AJAX alliance

    In February a group of technology vendors, including BEA Systems, Google, IBM and Oracle, formed the OpenAjax Alliance, with the goal of promoting the popular AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) web development technique. Since then, more vendors, such as Sun Microsystems, have joined and the alliance has launched its OpenAjax Hub project to boost interoperability among AJAX libraries.

  • EMC and Microsoft dance a ‘Duet’ for ECM

    EMC and Microsoft are stepping up their existing enterprise content management (ECM) relationship substantially to provide tighter integration between EMC’s Documentum ECM software and Microsoft’s Office, Outlook and SharePoint products.

  • Microsoft bullish on business adopting Vista

    In the first year of its release, Microsoft is expecting businesses to adopt Windows Vista twice as fast as any other version of Windows, with ten times as many Vista business seats deployed at launch than any previous release of the OS.

  • At home with Microsoft’s vision of the future

    The latest remodel of the Microsoft Home, the software maker’s techno-fuelled vision of domestic accoutrements of the future, doesn’t have any robot butlers or any flying cars parked in the driveway.

  • EU to MS: Don't shut out security rivals

    Any attempt to incorporate its own security software in Windows Vista, Microsoft’s next operating system, could spark a new antitrust spat with Europe’s top regulator, the European Commission, spokesman Jonathan Todd warns.