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  • Windows Live — what is it?

    Microsoft may have used its Tech Ed developer conference in Boston in June to generate new enthusiasm for the company’s Windows Live services programme, but it seems attendees had little idea of what Live is all about.

  • IBM preps Linux version of Sametime

    IBM is porting Lotus Sametime to Linux, the first time this enterprise instant messaging platform will support the popular open source operating system.

  • Ballmer: Microsoft must be ‘multicore’ to survive

    Microsoft chief executive officer Steve Ballmer says his company must be able to operate successfully in multiple markets — a phenomenon he calls being “multicore” — for the company to continue to grow well into the future.

  • MS shows off faulty Vista voice-recognition feature

    If its performance during a recent demonstration at Microsoft’s annual Financial Analyst Meeting (FAM) is any indication, a voice-recognition feature in Windows Vista is not quite ready for prime time.

  • Big ask for Ballmer: championing innovation

    Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer says that with his co-leader Bill Gates preparing to move to a part-time role at Microsoft, he has a big job to fill, to ensure the company continues to innovate and grow its revenue in new business markets.

  • Microsoft’s communications plunge stirs up VoIP

    Microsoft’s head-first rush to claim a spot in the IP telephony and unified communications race follows a familiar pattern for the company in that it is long on vision and short on deliverables, say observers.

  • Redmond readies Team Foundation Server service pack

    Microsoft is working on a service pack for its recently released Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server software, with improvements planned in areas such as authentication and data warehousing, according to Microsoft officials.

  • It’s the end of an era at Microsoft — or is it?

    The press is abuzz with speculation about Bill Gates’s “impending” departure from Microsoft. As InfoWorld editor-in-chief Steve Fox rightly points out, no other company could announce executive turnover in two years’ time and have it called news. What lends gravitas to this non-event, however, is an idea that’s been growing within the industry and which is beginning to find its voice: it’s time for change.

  • CipherTrust upgrades IM security

    Security company CipherTrust recently announced an upgrade to its appliance designed to secure and manage corporate use of instant messaging with features that add tighter control and better threat protection to this popular communication channel.

  • WGA no longer phoning home every day

    Responding to pressure from irked Windows users, Microsoft has released an updated version of its anti-piracy program that changes the frequency with which the program checks for pirated or counterfeit copies of its client operating system.

  • A good time to bargain with Microsoft

    I think it’s wonderful that Bill Gates is retiring so that he can devote himself to his foundation. If he puts half the effort into doing good works that he put into building Microsoft, the world will benefit. However, that doesn’t mean your company has to continue funding his efforts by overpaying for Microsoft licence agreements.