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  • Samba creator takes stand in Microsoft case

    Andrew Tridgell, creator of the Samba server software used by free and open-source software developers alike, made an important contribution to the European Commission’s defence of its 2004 Microsoft antitrust ruling at the Court of First Instance last week.

  • Microsoft and EC prepare for antitrust showdown

    More than two years have passed since Europe’s top antitrust authority, the European Commission, found Microsoft guilty of monopoly abuse, fined it €497 million (NZ$981 million) and ordered it to change the way it sells software across the European Union.

  • MS launches health IT initiative

    Microsoft has initiated a new programme to push its software into the health-care industry, the company announced at the recent World Health Care Congress, held in Washington, DC last month.

  • CRM gets Premium Power’s motor running

    Integration with existing hardware and software was the key driver behind Premium Power’s decision to dump its existing CRM (customer relationship management) platform in favour of Microsoft.

  • Microsoft picks up CRM customers from rivals

    Although a latecomer to the customer relationship management (CRM) business, Microsoft has quietly been luring customers away from more established rivals such as Siebel, now part of Oracle.

  • UK city council dumps Microsoft Office

    Bristol City Council will save 60% on software costs over five years by ditching Microsoft Office and switching its 5,500 users to Sun’s StarOffice and the ODF (Open Document Format) standard.

  • Microsoft releases critical IE patch

    Microsoft has released its security software patches for April, addressing an unpatched bug in the Internet Explorer (IE) browser that hackers had been exploiting for several weeks.

  • Microsoft discount offer

    For the first time in Microsoft New Zealand’s history, the company is offering a 12% discount and a subsidy cheque when customers buy at least five licences for Microsoft Office 2003 Professional Edition.

  • Microsoft: We’ve been into open source for years

    After listening to Microsoft’s Bill Hilf, one delegate at the recent government IT managers’ forum, Govis, was heard to say, “You’d almost believe Microsoft was the leading supporter of open source software.”

  • Internet Explorer 7 adds security features

    A new preview version of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, with tabbed browsing, an integrated search box, and RSS support — all features long taken for granted by Firefox users — is now available.