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  • SSP migrates NZ customers to Interactive’s Aus data centre

    ​SSP, a global provider of cloud-based back office systems for the insurance industry has announced completion of the migration of its New Zealand broker customers to Australian provider Interactive. The move follows a failure in SSP’s own UK data centre that took SSP’s New Zealand customers, and others off the air for up two weeks.

  • Unix to Linux migration not always worth it

    Migrating from high-end Unix-based systems to commodity x86/Linux platforms has been a popular idea for the last few years. But it turns out that not everyone thinks going full-on with Linux is the best solution — at least not yet.

  • Brain gain brings new talent to New Zealand

    The Department of Labour will be hunting for skilled workers willing to move to New Zealand at CeBIT, the world’s largest ICT trade fair, which takes place in Hanover in mid-March.

  • Australian IT visa data ignites controversy

    Australian Department of Immigration Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs (DIMIA) records show that IT workers from India currently account for almost half of all temporary, skilled ICT visas issued for entry to Australia for 2004-05 — more than double the number of visas issued to the next country down the list, the UK.