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  • Top 10 Stories of 2011 From

    Whether you were looking for ways to be better at your job, seeking advice for making mobile devices safe and efficient within the enterprise or brushing up on Facebook privacy, helped you stay a step ahead of your colleagues in 2011.

  • Android: The Phone for Living Dangerously?

    An Asian boy approaches a man clad in black leather at an outdoor café in Chinatown. He whispers something in the man's ear. The man grabs his warrior of the future motorcycle helmet and speeds down the streets of San Francisco in pursuit of an armored car caravan. Explosions. Fireballs. Shuriken fly. Back at his lair, the marauder exposes the convoy's precious cargo: the <a href="">Droid Razr.</a> A title appears on the screen: Too Powerful to Fall into the Wrong Hands.

  • iPad data LP: Security savior or strong-arm tactic

    It's a late night, and you've fired up Facebook on your company-owned iPad to post some bad news. "A reduction in workforce is going to happen this week," you type into your update status field and tap the post button.