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  • 4G czar at Sprint backs WiMax 'singularly'

    Don't ask Matt Carter, president of 4G at Sprint Nextel, about LTE, a competing wireless technology. He wants to focus on Sprint's use of WiMax for 4G wireless networks.

  • Apple plugs critical iPhone jailbreak holes

    Apple today patched the two vulnerabilities used to jailbreak Apple's newest iOS 4 operating system, bugs that security researchers warned could be used to hijack iPhones , iPod Touches or iPads.

  • Windows Phone 7, Meego herald new start for smartphones

    In separate announcements from Barcelona today, three traditional powerhouses in computing and communications — Microsoft , Intel and Nokia — kick-started major revamps to their technology to adapt to a quick-changing smartphone and mobile device market that's increasingly dominated by Google and Apple.

  • Gestures set to shake up mobile interfaces

    Touch screens have changed the way people use mobile phones dramatically. But gesture controls, augmented reality and larger screen sizes are about to change habits even more, according to mobile interface expert Christian Lindholm.

  • Defence deploys Black Ice to secure mobile comms

    Locally developed communications technology played a key role in Defence’s contribution to last month’s international Coalition Warrior Interoperability Demonstration (CWID) exercise.

  • VMware takes virtualisation mobile

    After targeting the market for virtualising servers and clients, VMware has now set its sights on mobile phones, announcing its Mobile Virtualization Platform (MVP) last week.

  • Mobile-message start-up pays for ad views

    Wanganui mobile-phone advertising company HooHaa started out in 2007, signed up 20,000 members in just a couple of months and now boasts close to 70,000 members — and has already sent out over one million text messages, says founder Brian Hawker.

  • Researchers find GSM mobile security on the ropes

    The security of the most widely used standard in the world for transmitting mobile phone calls is dangerously flawed, putting privacy and data at risk, two researchers warned at the Black Hat conference in Europe recently.

  • Helpdesk software goes mobile

    Users of BMC's Service Desk Express will soon be able to extend its features to an array of mobile devices, with new software from Aeroprise.