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  • Toybox: Huge screen bliss

    The reason I decided to buy a new monitor was I had moved over to using a MacBook Pro 15” laptop. I had a great workstation and a couple of good laptops, but after switching to the MacBook Pro I realised I could get rid of a few computers and just live with one.

  • Dell's UltraSharp 3007WFP could be a good investment

    Dell’s Ultrsharp 3007WFP turned in strong scores in the text portion of our image quality tests. True to the monitor’s name, text in a Microsoft Word document was indeed sharp, and text in a screen of multi-sized fonts was crisp and easy to read, even at small font sizes.

  • TOYBOX: Big screen bliss

    When people ask me what’s better than their current monitor, I usually say “two screens” or “a larger one”.

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  • Six reasons you still need a desktop PC

    Now that you've been liberated by the mobile age, you may be ready to consign your clunky desktop PC to the scrap heap. Not so fast. Though it's certainly past its prime, the desktop PC is far from useless. For some tasks, it's actually still the superior tool. Here are six compelling reasons to keep the old workhorse around.