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  • Toybox: Huge screen bliss

    The reason I decided to buy a new monitor was I had moved over to using a MacBook Pro 15” laptop. I had a great workstation and a couple of good laptops, but after switching to the MacBook Pro I realised I could get rid of a few computers and just live with one.

  • Dell's UltraSharp 3007WFP could be a good investment

    Dell’s Ultrsharp 3007WFP turned in strong scores in the text portion of our image quality tests. True to the monitor’s name, text in a Microsoft Word document was indeed sharp, and text in a screen of multi-sized fonts was crisp and easy to read, even at small font sizes.

  • TOYBOX: Big screen bliss

    When people ask me what’s better than their current monitor, I usually say “two screens” or “a larger one”.