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  • ACCESSORIZE: Gadgety gift ideas for the holidays

    OK, so you've got your tablet, you've got a case, you're ready to go. Right? Wrong. Sometimes you need some additional materials, whether it's a nice stylus, a mouse or a keyboard or other fun gadget.

  • Coolest mice chosen as device achieves milestone

    It's difficult to believe the mouse has been around for 40 years. (It's even more difficult to believe, for me personally, is that I've been using one mouse or another for nearly a quarter of a century!) Forty years is an eternity in technology, and today's input devices barely resemble those of the 1960s.

  • Toybox: Rechargeable mouse quite handy

    Microsoft has sent quite a few mice my way in the past year or so, and most of them have been specialised in some way, such as the hard-core gaming mouse and the fancy presenter/laser pointer mouse.

  • Machines that count: the mouse

    You can say what you like about Microsoft’s software, but the one thing that Microsoft has excelled at is developing the humble mouse.

  • Toybox: Little mouse does it all, except running around

    For those of you out there who are required to do lots and lots of presentations, Microsoft’s little wireless notebook presenter mouse could possibly help relieve the pain. If not, you could at least impress your colleagues with it, depending on how much they appreciate an integrated mouse, slide presenter, laser pointer and media remote control.