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  • Data brings banks closer to customers

    Banks are seeking closer relationships with customers through greater use of customer data and new technologies, according to banking and telecom officials at the CeBIT Financial Tech conference in Sydney.

  • Twitter causing shift away from call centres: Australian bank

    The National Australia Bank’s (NAB) customers are increasingly turning to Twitter to have their customer complaints and enquires dealt with, the bank has claimed.
    Speaking at a roundtable discussion on the role of social media in business, general manager of digital at the bank, Chris Smith, said NAB's contact centre is no longer the first port of call for customers.
    “We get 30 million calls a year — is it [our use of social media] measurable and can we achieve that ROI? We’re getting there,” Smith said. “Are people using social media instead of calling in? There is some channel switching happening.”
    Smith said the bank’s use of social media only took off recently, with , and its 'break up with your bank campaign' being a major step up for NAB, which now employ five employees primarily for social media.
    “We’re quite new and don’t have much of a background in social media,” Smith said. “We’ve had some footprints here are there, but last year our CEO said we had to get out into the Twittersphere and use social media better.
    “We wanted to differentiate ourselves from the other banks... we really used Twitter for our first entry to the social media space.”
    The bank said it focused on using social media first rather than as a last resort, which helped it differentiate itself from competitors in the industry.
    “Often in marketing campaigns, digital strategy comes last,” Smith said “We turned this on its head and said let’s start with a social media campaign.
    “The journey we’re on is not just educating our customers but taking on the rest of our banking culture.”

  • NAB reports online banking login issues

    The National Australia Bank (NAB) is reporting issues with its online banking portal and directing customers to use its phone banking system as an alternate.

  • BNZ eyes voice prints for customer ID

    The BNZ bank is looking at implementing a speech-driven navigation system and voice-print customer identifier developed by its parent the National Australia Bank, according to NAB developer Sam Jackel.

  • BNZ exec to become NAB CIO

    The BNZ’s general manager of banking delivery services, Adam Bennett, will next month step up to the role of CIO at the bank’s Australian parent, National Australia Bank.

  • Bank exec recommends more software security scrutiny

    Since establishing a technology risk and security team more than two years ago, the National Australia Bank (NAB) has delivered a scathing report on the insecurity of enterprise software, including that provided by information security vendors themselves.