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  • Sourcefire shipping its first two app-aware, next-gen firewalls

    <a href="">Sourcefire</a> Monday said it expects to begin shipping its first two next-generation firewall appliances later this month, entering an increasingly crowded market.

  • HP Concludes That Bigger Is Better

    Hewlett-Packard's decision to retain its vast PC division likely offers some insight into the type of company new CEO Meg Whitman and her team want to lead.

  • HP decides that being bigger is better

    In rejecting the idea of <a href="">getting rid</a> of its PC division, Hewlett-Packard Co. and its new CEO Meg Whitman, also made some decisions about the type of company they want.

  • Netflix deals with cloud security concerns

    As Netflix commits its future to streaming movies to customers, it relies almost exclusively on cloud services for its infrastructure, raising security concerns that require a new way of thinking, the company's cloud security architect says.

  • Netflix reveals challenges in the Cloud

    Technology managers at video distributor Netflix Inc., which last year took a big plunge into the public cloud, have started a remarkably candid blog about their experiences with mission-critical cloud computing.

  • Microsoft crafts shrewd apps plan for Windows Phone 7 launch

    As the first U.S. Windows Phone 7 handsets go on sale Monday, Nov. 8, Microsoft shrewdly has created an application environment that will make the phones instantly useable for many of the e-mail, social networking, photo, video and work tasks people do every day.

  • 1,000 apps ready for Windows Phone 7 handsets

    With still two weeks before Windows Phone handsets go on sale, the Windows Phone Marketplace has already reached 1,000 applications and games, according to some brief blog reports. 

  • Netflix dumps HD DVD

    DVD rental firm Netflix has announced that it will stock only Blu-ray discs and drop the HD DVD format.