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  • Expect Telecom's internet TV, Lightbox, in the coming weeks

    Telecom has confirmed today that it will be launching its internet TV business, called Lightbox, in the next few weeks, with about 5,000 hours of content. This will include exclusive television series and a range of back-catalogues of TV shows.

  • Telecom signs wholesale agreement with Northpower Fibre

    Telecom has signed a wholesale agreement with Northpower Fibre to deliver fibre services to the Whangarei region. Northpower Fibre is the government partner responsible for delivering a fibre network in Whangarei as part of the ultra-fast broadband initiative.

  • Chairs appointed to local fibre companies

    Ultrafast Broadband Ltd and Northpower Fibre, the two local fibre companies appointed by Crown Fibre Holdings to roll out the government’s Ultra-Fast Broadband project in the Central North Island and Whangarei respectively, have appointed chairs.