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  • McAfee rethinks consumer security service delivery

    McAfee, part of Intel, today announced a profound shift in how it distributes and prices its consumer security products by introducing LiveSafe, a service that combines anti-malware plus a score of other capabilities, such as anti-theft protection and a so-called "safety deposit box" in the cloud that can only be accessed by means of the user's face or voice biometric.

  • Symantec CEO: 'We'll absolutely have a Norton brand'

    Symantec has commenced with a massive reorganization, saying it will end the internal separation that's traditionally been made in security software development done in the Norton consumer division and its enterprise product lines. But that doesn't mean Symantec's Norton brand is going to disappear, according to Symantec CEO Steve Bennett.

  • Norton Utilities adds defragmenter tool, other features

    Symantec's Norton unit today announced an updated version of its Norton Utilities software, adding a way to defragment and organize files and data that's become scattered across a hard drive, enabling quicker startup, file access and more free disk space.

  • Still too complex: Norton Internet Security 2008

    Trying to bundle every possible function into one package is always dangerous. It risks challenging not only the novice’s ability to comprehend, but also the average user’s. It bloats the size of the application suite, too, and consumes system resources.

  • BlackBerry rumours: HP to buy Symantec?

    I just got a mysterious one-line BlackBerry message from a well-placed tech-industry figure. It was a single, terse question in the subject line, no body: “Do you think HP will make a play for Symantec? ... I do.”

  • NAV-Eudora conflict solved, almost

    Further to my difficulties with a conflict between Eudora and Norton Anti-Virus last month (see The dummies' guide), I can report that the problem has still not been finally solved.