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  • A quarter of firms not ready to converge big five technologies

    Over a quarter of businesses are not equipped to deal with the convergence of new technologies, including mobility, social networks, big data, cloud computing and the Internet of Things, according to research from international standards organisation The Open Group.

  • IT supply-chain security standard aims to prevent counterfeits, tampering

    The danger of counterfeit and tampered IT products is well known, and to fight it, the Open Group has published a technical security standard aimed at supply-chain safety. It's anticipated that by year-end there will also be an official process under way for accreditation so technology suppliers can prove adherence to the standard, according to some involved, which include IBM and Cisco.

  • New standard/tool address security dependencies

    There's a need to rely and trust forces outside our direct control for security -- and that awareness spurred the United Kingdom's national infrastructure protection authority to push for a standard way to model the implications of relying on technology, services, people and more.