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  • Shred that paper

    An opinion is a funny thing. Two intelligent individuals can look at a set of facts and develop two very different opinions about the matter. As someone who writes about his opinions, I hear from reasonable people with differing opinions every week. As the saying goes, it's all good.

  • The Developer: A boon for the hands-on

    The biggest advantage to working in Linux for Wellington-based software developer John Hurst: “simply having the source code”. This ranks above any slight technical advantages in working with the operating system day to day.

  • An open and shut case?

    The allure of software unencumbered by licence fees and restrictions on copying and redistribution is strong, given today’s restrained IT budgets. Properly implemented, open source software is a great solution, but you need to know what you’re dealing with.

  • The business case for open source

    What is open source? The most basic interpretation is that it is software for which the users can get access to the source. Note that "open" doesn't necessarily equate to free – it just means that the source is available.

  • Open source here we come

    It’s hardly groundbreaking to be writing about Linux as a world-changing phenomenon. As long as four years ago our US columnist Nicholas Petreley said as much. And that was after first mentioning the subject four years earlier.

  • Future of open source

    Well, this is the column where I get to put on my magician's hat and do my best to predict the future of open source in 2002. Although I have no psychic powers (real or imagined), I figure I have at least a better-than-even chance of beating the supermarket tabloids in foretelling the future.

  • The year the hype died

    In the year 2000, some pundits suggested the growing enthusiasm about open source was destined to give out. Once economic conditions returned to pre-dot-com levels, they reasoned, open source would be seen as a fad, just like the pet rock.

  • Open source apps for hire

    Christchurch-based web designer e2-media has launched a range of hosted applications that were built using open source software.

  • Open-source originals

    When I began writing this column in October, I promised myself I would try not to waste time bashing Microsoft. There are two reasons for this. First, it's like shooting fish in a barrel. With a bazooka. It is just too easy. Microsoft does enough things badly that there is no challenge in poking at them. Just say "Code Red" or "I Love You" and IT managers tremble at the memories.

  • The penguin swoops into the OS fray

    Once upon a time, it was possible to dismiss Linux distributions as Unix knockoffs for undergraduate slackers who might someday be allowed on the real hardware if they behaved themselves.