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  • Kordia revenues surge

    Network and communications state-owned enterprise Kordia has improved group revenue in the 2007 financial year by 31% over 2006, the company announced today.

  • Orcon slams Telecom naked DSL proposal

    Internet service provider Orcon is describing Telecom's proposal for wholesale naked DSL as "window dressing" and claiming it is not a viable commercial product.

  • Is our new SOISP kosher?

    “The government’s reforms are directed at creating an environment for the private sector to invest with confidence in new services and infrastructure, while generating the best long-term results for consumers. The government has no current plans to become directly involved as an investor in core infrastructure.” — Hon David Cunliffe, Minister of Communications

  • The great New Zealand datacentre build-out

    New Zealand could be undergoing its biggest ever datacentre capacity increase as operators across the country build and rebuild their facilities to increase quality, deliver new services and to deal with new technology.

  • Climate change arrives in NZ datacentres

    Gartner recently predicted that by 2008 up to 50% of datacentres will be unable to meet the increased power consumption and cooling requirements of high density equipment such as blade servers, but according to operators in New Zealand, the crunch point may already have been reached.

  • Telecom’s rivals prepare for a new market

    Telecom may have gone quiet on its plans ahead of Communications Minister David Cunliffe’s industry regulations coming into effect, but its smaller ISP rivals are in a frantic spin trying to bump up their customer numbers.

  • Heatwave hits datacentre

    Auckland ISP Orcon’s datacentre on the city's North Shore was overheated yesterday (Monday). The datacentre is maintained by Vector.

  • Orcon plans super-fast DSL

    ISP Orcon wants to go one better than Telecom by moving straight to VDSL2, the second-generation very high data-rate Digital Subscriber Line service, straight-away instead of going with ADSL2+, which Telecom is planning to offer next year.

  • Orcon launches free internet TV

    Auckland ISP Orcon has launched a live TV service in conjunction with Alt TV on the eve of full-rate DSL returning to New Zealand customers.