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  • Intel to appeal European anticompetitiveness fine

    Intel intends to appeal the European Commission's 1.06 billion Euro (NZ$2.43 billion) fine for anticompetitive behaviour in the chip market, with CEO Paul Otellini arguing that the EC "ignored or disregarded" evidence "refuting" its judgment.

  • Otellini‚Äôs lame apology speaks volumes about Intel

    The leading quote from last week’s news comes from Intel CEO Paul Otellini: “We’re doing product refreshes every two years, which is the model we invented and then stopped doing after Pentium 4, shame on us,” Otellini said. “We fell off it — mea culpa, we screwed up — and now we’re back on that pace.”

  • Vendors ready PCs for new Intel chip

    Several PC vendors have announced new desktop and workstation PCs, following Intel’s launch of its Conroe Core 2 Duo processor last month.