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  • Pacific Fibre announces partner

    Pacific Fibre has formed a partnership with Pacnet to build a second international undersea fibre-optic cable linking New Zealand, Australia and the US.

  • Pacnet coy on AAPT

    Asian telecoms company Pacnet is coy about whether it is interested in buying Telecom's Australian business AAPT.

  • AAPT bid talk speculation: Telecom

    Telecom says a report that Asian firm Pacnet is prepared to offer US$420 million (about NZ$795 million) for AAPT is speculative and that it remains committed to its Australian business.

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  • Digital Spotlight: SDN – a disruption waiting to happen

    Disruptive technologies do just what their name implies. They shake up existing markets and values and replace it with new markets. Such disruption can be painful, wrenching and traumatic, even though they play out over decades and, more often, come out for the better at the other end.