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  • Chorus' dividend money should be spent on network: TUANZ chief

    Commonsense has prevailed and the government won’t be able to overrule the independence of the Commerce Commission, says TUANZ chief executive Paul Brislen in the wake of all the opposition parties refusing the support any such legislation.

  • Labour unveils ICT policy

    Labour would remove the controversial ‘three-strikes’ internet account suspension clause of the Copyright Act within 90 days of taking office, according to a wide-ranging pre-election ICT policy statement. Labour also promises a new Copyright Bill within 18 months, a single regulatory body for broadcasting and telecommunications, and an independent review of the Ultra Fast Broadband (UFB) rollout.

  • Minister pours cold water on UFB regulatory alternative

    ICT Minister Steven Joyce appears to have rejected a suggestion by 11 telcos and industry groups that legislation to enact Ultra Fast Broadband be changed to enable regulatory oversight into pricing during the first decade of the build.

  • Industry coalition has alternative to UFB regulatory holiday

    Industry and consumer groups opposed to the regulatory forbearance period in the draft Telecommunications Amendment Bill, have suggested an alternative way to ensure there is price certainty for UFB partners without sacrificing Commerce Commission oversight on pricing.

  • Vodafone comms chief new Tuanz CEO

    Paul Brislen, Vodafone's corporate communications manager, is Tuanz's new chief executive, taking over from Ernie Newman, who stepped down at the end of September.