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  • Taking a break from IT requires planning

    Rod Masney believes it's a key part of his management role to encourage his employees to really disengage from their high-pressure IT jobs — to take a week or two at the beach or that long-awaited European tour.

  • Communication, planning key to ITIL success

    ITIL is about people and changing their behavior. If you can get that message across to your IT staff, you've won most of the battle for improved IT processes, said Neville Teagarden, senior vice president and CIO for ProLogis, during Network World's IT Roadmap in Denver, Colorado recentlty.

  • Putting the A into SOA is a vital step

    Without an architecture, there is no SOA. “Architecture identifies the key components of your business and how they interact with you, to give you the overall structure,” says Hong Zhang, chief architect at General Motors. With that architectural blueprint in place, both business and IT can identify, build, change and manage services that attend to the business’s big-picture needs, not just those of a specific project.

Whitepapers about planning

  • The Top 6 Reports for IT PMOs

    Generating reports is time-consuming. Often, report generation is more of a job than acting on the information it provides. And yet, it’s unavoidable. According to the ESI survey, the top five PMO functions are: 1. Methodology 2. Planning 3. Project management 4. Portfolio management 5. Reporting to management. That’s exactly what Planview Enterprise was designed to address. By putting all these functions in one platform, you get the most comprehensive, most actionable reports and analytics that span the full breadth of portfolio management activities from start to finish. Everything you need, all in one place, exportable to other applications, all to make your life easy.

  • Deploying 802.11ac Wave 2 for the wireless office: What you need you know