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  • Hacker posts QuickTime zero-day attack code

    A hacker has released attack code that exploits an unpatched vulnerability in Apple's QuickTime, just a week after the company updated the media player to plug nine other serious vulnerabilities, a security researcher said Wednesday.

  • Apple issues major patch updates for QuickTime, iPod touch

    Apple Tuesday patched 20 security vulnerabilities in its QuickTime media player, iTunes music store client, iPod touch device and Bonjour network software. More than half of the bugs could let hackers hijack computers or the iPod.

  • QuickTime bug opens XP, Vista to attack

    Security researchers warn that attack code targeting an unpatched bug in Apple's QuickTime has gone public, and added that in-the-wild attacks against systems running Windows XP and Vista are probably not far behind.

  • Toybox: SketchUp Pro 6 for professional modellers

    Google's SketchUp Pro 6 is an enhanced version of its free SketchUp 6 program. The free version features the application's powerful 3-D functionality, while the pro version adds two main features necessary for professional modellers.