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  • Cloud vendors seek better online data protections

    Executives from top cloud vendors Microsoft, Google, Amazon.com, Salesforce.com and Rackspace Thursday urged a congressional committee to support their goal of giving data stored in cloud computing systems the same legal protections as information stored on one's personal computer.

  • Rackspace hires refugees from MySQL offshoot Drizzle

    Former Sun Microsystems employees who worked on Drizzle, an offshoot of the MySQL open-source database, have ended up at cloud infrastructure provider Rackspace, where they will continue their efforts, developer Jay Pipes wrote in a blog post Monday.

  • Xero shares in Rackspace compo

    Wellington-based online accounting software provider Xero has received a small refund from hosting partner Rackspace in compensation for a 45-minute outage last week.

  • Rackspace unveils cloud storage

    Rackspace has unveiled CloudFS, a web-services-based online storage service that will allow software developers to store, back up and access files and content for their applications. It will be available later this year.