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  • The 5 biggest challenges faced by remote startups

    ​Getting your business off the ground is expensive. According to a study conducted by the Kauffmann Foundation, startup costs average around $30,000. If you’re looking to significantly decrease your operating costs, you’ve probably already considered going remote.

  • ADSL broadband slows remote medical education

    Australia should invest in faster broadband for regional areas to promote telehealth and clinical education, according to the head of a non-governmental organisation that trains general practice doctors.

  • Defence House move delivers IT makeover

    When the New Zealand Defence Force moved into its new building in Aitken Street in Wellington in March, the IT environment also got a makeover. The new Defence House, which has been designed to reduce energy consumption, houses five separate datacentres and around 900 personnel.

Whitepapers about Remote

  • Cutting-edge technology helps students succeed

    This whitepaper details how the Academy of Art University in the US uses high-performing, reliable workstations, servers, and PCs to help design students get ready for the workforce. • The University has a cross-academy strategy that seeks to give all departments, including faculty and administrative staff, technology that fosters innovation. • The Academy can support its technology strategy and prepare students for success in the emerging innovation economy • The University can also better support remote learning