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  • Toybox: Lightweight MP3 player with animated interface

    Samsung’s T10 MP3 player made its way to Toybox headquarters this week. Measuring a mere 87mm by 40mm by 8mm and weighing in at just 43 grams, I could barely feel the feather-light device in my pocket. It is a combined music player, FM radio, photo album, video player, voice recorder and game player, so it’s pretty fully featured.

  • New Samsung hard drive

    Samsung has introduced a 160GB-capacity 1.8inch hard drive that can be used in portable devices, including iPods.

  • Toybox: Thumb drive-sized MP3 player has surprisingly good sound quality

    When Samsung’s U3 MP3 player arrived at Toybox headquarters I must admit, I wasn’t too impressed. The tiny, fluorescent pink device reminded me of a highlighter, and the pictures on the box it comes in — of music instruments, butterflies and ducklings in a dreamy landscape — didn’t make me feel any better about it. One of my colleagues, walking past my desk, snorted and said “that thing just screams eight-year-old girl”. Well, at least I am a girl. Imagine the fate of this MP3 player had it landed on, say, one of the PC World boys’ desks.