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  • Judge vacates three charges against SF network admin

    A San Francisco Superior Court judge has dismissed three of the four felony charges brought against Terry Childs, a former network administrator who was arrested last year for allegedly sabotaging a crucial city network.

  • Sabotage of San Francisco IT dept raises questions

    What do you do when a network administrator goes bad? That's the question IT staffers for the city of San Francisco are facing. One of their own, a net admin named Terry Childs, was arrested for sabotaging the city government's new fibre backbone network.

  • Look out, here come the Digital Bedouin

    San Francisco Chronicle journalist Dan Frost wrote a nice piece about local digital nomads he called Bay Area Bedouins recently. Unlike the desert-dwelling originals, these are people who work for San Francisco start-up companies without offices. They roam from one coffeehouse to the next, working wherever they find a wi-fi connection.

Features about San Francisco
  • Are Silicon Valley Techies Killing San Francisco?

    Are the cash-soaked, plush-bus-riding, entitled techies at Google, Facebook, Twitter and other firms ruining the City by the Bay as stuck-in-the-60s, Haight-Ashbury-loving, world-peace-dreaming protesters would have you believe? Or do San Franciscans just need to get over it? Take our quick poll.