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  • Cisco dealing with change in the threat landscape

    We've all heard the same story recently – malware developers and distributors are becoming far smarter and commercially minded than ever before. The days of disgruntled teenagers hacking from their dimly lit bedrooms are behind us with corporatised criminal gangs now working as organized syndicates intent on stealing identities and extorting money.

  • Water, mining industries driving increased SCADA demand in A/NZ

    Analyst firm Frost and Sullivan estimates that revenue from SCADA systems and services will reach annual revenues of US$215 million in Australia and New Zealand by 2018, a $65 million increase from 2012 driven by increasing demands from resources industries such as water and mining.

  • What to do in the event of a data breach?

    Even though it now appears there was no terrorist attack on a pump at an Illinois water utility, the SCADA infiltration scare was a reminder that data breaches can come from any number of angles.

  • Illinois water authority hack: Threat has been looming for years

    While nobody's willing to say whether a <a href="">burned out pump at an Illinois water authority</a> is the result of a cyberattack, the big issue remains that nobody can say that it wasn't, according to experts.

  • FAQ: What you should know about Illinois water-district SCADA breach

    Here are some key questions and answers about the Nov. 8 break-in of the <a href="">control network</a> at an Illinois water utility that resulted in attackers burning out a pump.

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