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  • SCO to pay Novell $3.35 million

    At the beginning of its massive legal fight against Linux in 2003, The SCO Group imagined a day when companies like IBM, Novell and others would pay it large amounts of cash for alleged infringements on SCO-owned Unix code.

  • Grokking the demise of SCO’s copyright lawsuits

    The SCO Group’s US$5 billion (NZ$7.1 billion) threat against Linux is effectively finished. On Friday August 10, US District Judge Dale Kimball ruled that SCO doesn’t actually own the copyrights that it was using to threaten — and in some cases, sue — Linux users.

  • Novell wins SCO case

    Novell has won a significant ruling in its lengthy battle with The SCO Group.

  • Judge tosses out most SCO claims

    A US judge has thrown out almost 200 of The SCO Group’s claims of intellectual property violation against IBM on the grounds that SCO didn’t identify the alleged infringements in enough detail.