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News about security incidents
  • Ransomware: a Christmas present no one wants

    Browsing on my PC during the festive season, I was hit with the nastiest piece of malware I’ve ever had to deal with. An official looking message popped up, replete with NZ Police logo, telling me that I had in some way broken the law and was subject to jail sentences and fines. These would go away if I paid $100 to “The State” by using Ukash, a form of bitcoin.

Whitepapers about security incidents

  • Nine best practices for active directory security

    Upon discovering that someone has illegitimately accessed data on the network, IT managers initially believe (hope, really) that the threat came from outside. But as recent, headline-grabbing data breaches demonstrate, a lapse in internal security — whether accidental or malicious — is often what enabled the attack to succeed, in spite of robust external security. Download this whitepaper to see how to minimize the risk of the internal threat to the availability, confidentiality and integrity of AD.

  • Advanced endpoint protection for dummies