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  • 'Stop Watching Us' Coalition Aims to Stop NSA's PRISM Surveillance Program

    Reddit, Mozilla, the Electronic Frontier Foundation and others from across the political spectrum join forces to flood members of Congress with letters seeking revisions to the Patriot Act and reforms that will rein in the NSA's surveillance of Internet and phone records via a program known as PRISM.

  • India Exempts Its Outsourcers from New Privacy Rules

    Personal data sent to India by customers outsourcing IT work there will not be covered by India's new privacy rules, the government announced in late August. The clarification was a huge relief to India's <a href="%20">large outsourcing industry</a>.

  • Facebook Quick Tip: Control Apps Access To Your Data

    Facebook knows you want more control over your information. That's why it announced this week a new dashboard under your privacy settings that gives you visibility into how applications-think games, productivity apps and business tools-use your data.