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  • Datacom loses ANZ Manpower hosting gig

    New Zealand IT services company Datacom is about to lose the Australasian datacentre-hosting business of Manpower, the labour and recruitment services company.

  • Server energy-efficiency standard coming

    ICT managers’ efforts to hold down escalating server power and cooling costs are being stymied because hardware vendors report energy efficiency in different ways, making it difficult to compare products.

  • Sun rises once more in the server market

    Inexplicably, we have got through much of 2006 without Linux completely kicking Unix out of the market. Analysts and Linux faithful are at a loss to explain how Sun Microsystems’ server revenue climbed almost 14% since the second quarter last year, pushing Sun ahead of Dell in the rankings. Gartner pegs Sun’s Unix server market share at 56.9%.

  • Ghost server comes alive

    Ohio University says someone has hacked into an alumni database server and may have stolen personal information on more than 300,000 people and organisations — including 137,800 social security numbers.

  • Server virtualisation means thinking thin

    Assuming you view system virtualisation as an escalating priority, this is a good time to stop and think about client systems and applications, before dipping your brush and drawing that first block in your grand virtualisation architecture.

  • The server strategy: virtualisation

    IT execs who have delayed virtualising their x86-based servers for fear the technology is still unproven should put that project at the top of their to-do lists for 2006, as the market for virtualising the low-volume systems heats up.

  • Taking the mainframe to the server

    Even those who came late to enlightenment about AMD’s concurrent leadership in fire power per dollar, transactions per kilowatt, value per square inch and vastness of commercial software are wondering what it will do next.