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  • Complexity of IT systems will be our undoing

    Roger Sessions, CTO of ObjectWatch and an expert in software architecture, argues that the increasing complexity of our IT systems will be our undoing.  In fact, he just recently got a patent for a methodology that helps deal with complex IT systems. Network World Editor in Chief John Dix recently caught up with Sessions to get his take on the extent of the problem and possible solutions.

  • SOA growing up and expanding its footprint

    Not too long ago, IT organisations turned to service-oriented architecture (SOA) primarily as a way to integrate enterprise applications. But now large companies are using SOA to create components that can be combined and reused as services across multiple applications.

  • LinkedIn Opens APIs, Clearing Way for New Apps

    LinkedIn announced today the release of its APIs and the launch of its "LinkedIn Platform," which will enable developers to integrate LinkedIn into their business applications and websites.

  • Storm ahead as SOA and cloud clash

    After several gruelling years of implementing life-cycle controls over their web services environments, these IT pros now worry they may have to radically revamp those efforts to keep pace with rogue adoption of outsourced cloud services.

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