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  • SPONSORED CONTENT: Executive's guide to the next-generation datacentre

    One of the looming challenges in today’s datacentre is the rapid data growth. One study finds that the amount of data is growing between 25-50 percent annually, and by the end of 2015 we are predicted to cross the zettabyte threshold. For reference, one zettabyte is equal to about 250 billion DVDs-worth of data!
    The problem is, most traditional, “brick-and-mortar” datacentres are already approaching the limits to their power, cooling, and space capacity. So what can you do to prepare? Here are three big trends that many businesses are adopting in order to adapt to increasing computing demands:

  • SPONSORED CONTENT: Genome Analysis

    Currently it takes two days to find differences in genome data between cancer patients and healthy people.
    This results in poor decision making for hospitals that conduct cancer detection from base on DNA sequence matching. It also produces delays in new drug discovery and higher associated costs due to lack of insights in patient data
    By using SAP HANA as the mission-critical and reliable genome data platform it becomes possible to deliver advanced medical treatment to many more patients.
    MKI offers cloud-based genome analytic services and anticipates that with SAP HANA what traditionally took two days to process can be performed in 20 minutes.
    Their Genome Analysis process has three steps:

  • SPONSORED CONTENT: Ahead in the clouds

    As computing services are being distributed to growing numbers of users and service consumers, it has become increasingly important for IT professionals to understand how such systems work. To meet that need, Auckland University of Technology now provides a Master of Service-Oriented Computing (MSOC), a one year taught masters that is changing the landscape for the IT industry.

  • App review: LinkedIn for iPad

    Considering there are more than 450,000 New Zealanders registered on LinkedIn, it’s always amazed me the social employment site hasn’t had an iPad app until now.

  • What to do about information overload

    The majority of public cloud solutions come from US-based suppliers and are delivered through US datacentres, and this has “created anxiety” for non-US enterprise IT organisations – because the location of data brings new risk, says Prentice’s research.

  • App review: Paper by FiftyThree

    Nothing conveys complex ideas in a simple format more clearly than a doodle. While the humble pen and paper will never go out of fashion (you heard it here first), I’d recommend Paper by FiftyThree for the more digitally inclined.

  • Review: The new iPad

    Every year like clockwork Apple releases the next generation of its mobile devices, and every year the world’s most valuable tech company receives fanfare from consumers and press alike. In some years the devices deserve the adulation, adding killer features which competitors spend the next year trying to emulate, while other years’ offerings are far less whizz-bang and merely see a refinement in hardware and software.

  • App Review: Viber

    Viber is a free Android and iPhone app which lets users make phone calls and send texts to other Viber users.

  • Review: Asus Transformer Prime

    I'm not a fan of Android tablets. The majority of the devices I've used so far have been cumbersome, full of bugs, and have lacked compelling apps. Granted, the last time I used one at length was towards the end of last year - since when many more tablets have come to market - but my experiences have left me with a sour taste in my mouth for Android on tablets.

  • Review - Nokia Lumia 800

    The most noticeable thing about the Nokia Lumia 800 is its elegance. It’s a beautiful piece of kit not because of what it adds in terms of design features, but for what it lacks.