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  • In Pictures: Hacking Team's hack curated

    Hacking Team, a firm best known for helping governments spy on their citizens, has been hacked. Here's a curated look at the documents, contracts, and code discovered by researchers sorting the data online.

  • In pictures: RSA Asia Pacific & Japan conference

    RSA's annual Asia Pacific & Japan conference kicked off in Singapore on Tuesday. RSA executive chairman Arthur W. Coviello called for an end to cyber warfare while Juniper Network's Kevin Kennedy compared the Information Age to the Golden Age of the Roman empire. The conference concludes today.

  • Draft memo suggests US spying on five eyes allies

    In its latest revelation garnered from the Edward Snowden leaks, Britain’s <i>Guardian</i> newspaper reports that UK citizens not suspected of any wrong-doing were caught up in a dragnet US mass surveillance program. More importantly for New Zealanders, the story refers to a separate draft memo that proposed US spying on its five eyes allies.

  • Fears as Canadian ISP spies on its customers

    A statement by a major Canadian internet service provider that it will be monitoring customers&#8217; cyber activities for possible reporting to government agencies has sparked concern among privacy advocates.