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  • Automation tools promise greater value for SSDs

    Flash storage could be the most powerful tool yet for IT administrators who want to speed-up access to frequently used data. Yet, reaping its benefits may require automation software that has just begun to emerge from the major storage vendors.

  • Intel confirms data corruption bug in new SSDs

    Intel has confirmed that its new consumer-class X25-M and X18-M solid state-disk drives (SSDs) suffer from data corruption issues and says it has pulled back shipments to resellers.

  • Microsoft: Windows 7 is faster on SSDs

    Microsoft recently gave a strong, though qualified, endorsement for running Windows 7 on PCs equipped with solid-state disk (SSD) drives, saying it has tuned the upcoming operating system to run faster on the still-emerging storage technology.

  • EMC updates NAS line with SSDs, file deduplication

    EMC has announced an upgrade to its entire line of Celerra network attached storage (NAS) systems, saying it will now offer solid-state disks and file-level data deduplication on the arrays and its gateway device.