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  • Live Events App Ready to Tackle the Super Bowl wanted to attract millions of fans of sports and other live events to play sponsored trivia games for cash and prizes. But each game was like a DDoS attack on its data centers. As a solution, the company turned to a distributed database management system called NuoDB.

  • CES 2013: Diary of a CES Noob, Day 2

    As old CES hands like our own Keith Shaw advised, Tuesday was orders of magnitude more busy than Monday. Now the show had a crush of people to go with its gargantuan physical scale. All the booths were put together and running, everyone's gear was on display - the effect was overwhelming.

  • 17 Starbucks stores get wireless charging in Boston

    Seventeen Starbucks stores in the Boston area are taking part in a wireless charging pilot program that will allow customers to recharge their phones by placing them on the charging surfaces of tables.

  • Starbucks mobile payments perk past 26M transactions

    Starbucks said 26 million smartphone transactions were made to buy its coffee and other products in less than a year since it started using a mobile payment app, making it the nation's largest mobile payment program.

  • Execs from NASDAQ, HP Show Operations Some Love

    One of the great joys I have in serving the CIO community is witnessing the openness and transparency you have with each other-especially when given the chance to sit down face-to-face at one of our events. Whether the perspectives you share come from your experience with business, technology or overall leadership, I'm always impressed by how generous IT executives are in exchanging invaluable insights and guidance that ultimately improves everyone's performance.

  • Starbucks begins BI trial on tablets

    Starbucks has begun a trial of business intelligence software on tablet devices for potential use by its executives making storevisits to help them make view real-time, location-aware data.