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  • Understanding email's special power

    Let's try a thought experiment. Suppose that some malign force knocked all the internet mail servers permanently offline, but left everything else intact. How would we cope?

  • More pleasant surprises, please

    Travelling on vacation this week, I was pleasantly surprised a few times by technology. On its first jaunt far from home, my new cellphone made my watch obsolete by sensing time zones and automatically adapting.

  • Acrobat challenges InfoPath

    I’m not a printer-oriented kind of guy. I own printers, of course, but can go weeks without using them. For more than 20 years I’ve been creating information flows that rarely, and increasingly never, get rendered onto 8.5 x 11in pages.

  • The services fabric

    In 1998 Graham Glass was CTO of ObjectSpace, a Dallas-based vendor of a popular ORB (object request broker) known as Voyager.