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  • Sun upgrades ID Manager

    Sun has released the next version of its provisioning software and integrated it with role management tools as it continues to push policy-based identity management.

  • Sun makes storage move

    Sun Microsystems has unveiled open source software that can repurpose anyOpenSolaris-based x86 server into a block-based storage device capable of emulating the physical characteristics of a storage array.

  • Sun on rejunvenation path with Java

    Sun Microsystems used the recent JavaOne conference to position the 13-year-old Java platform as a foundation for next-generation technologies.

  • Sun buys processor maker

    Sun Microsystems has acquired microprocessor start-up Montalvo Systems for an undisclosed sum.

  • Google, IBM and Sun cite developer outreach

    Officials from Google and IBM detailed efforts this month to extend their platforms to developers via APIs and Web 2.0 technologies. But a Sun Microsystems executive cautioned that openness offered via forums such as blogs can have negative consequences if not managed well.

  • MySQL users mostly unfazed by Sun acquisition

    Customers at the MySQL conference this week said Sun Microsystems' acquisition of the database company could increase MySQL's credibility among senior IT decision makers still skittish about using open-source software.

  • Sun researching laser-powered chips

    In an attempt to improve computer performance, Sun Microsystems is working on technology to let chips communicate using lasers instead of electricity.

  • Why Sun should have bought Sybase

    Common sense would suggest that in general, buying one company at a price equivalent to 3.5 times its annual revenue is a better deal than buying another company for 21 times its annual revenue.

  • Mega-mergers bring benefits to IT departments

    Remember when Oracle was a database vendor and Sun Microsystems sold workstations? Yes, you can still buy Oracle 11g or a Sun Ultra. But last week's big deals — Oracle's US$8.5 billion (NZ$10.9 billion) buyout of BEA Systems and Sun's US$1 billion deal for MySQL — remind us that the days when vendors used to fit into tidy niches are long gone.

  • MySQL needs us to expand: Schwartz

    Sun Microsystems' decision to buy MySQL, the company behind a popular and growing open-source database, for US$1 billion (NZ$1.32 billion) could allow Sun to to expand MySQL's reach — and give database giant Oracle something new to worry about. But more immediately, Sun's buying plans address a problem facing the privately held MySQL — namely, its future.

  • Dell to offer Solaris systems under pact with Sun

    The top executives of Sun Microsystems and Dell joined forces at the recent Oracle OpenWorld user conference to unveil an agreement that lets Dell offer Sun's Solaris operating system on its PowerEdge servers.

  • Sun's pooled approach to storage is a breakthrough

    You've read about ZFS, the advanced storage management facility baked into Sun Microsystems' Solaris Unix operating system. It is Sun's invention, yet Sun has opened it to the world by including it with the mass of Solaris code that Sun has open-sourced.