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  • Arrays' future uncertain as servers and storage merge

    I've been watching and waiting for years for a vendor to proclaim the demise of disk storage, and this week it finally happened. The vendor who made the bold statement is Sun, specifically its CEO and President Jonathan Schwartz.

  • Sun releases Xeon servers

    Eight months after it agreed to begin using Intel's x86 chips again, Sun Microsystems has announced two new rack-mounted server releases built around Xeon processors.

  • OpenOffice update enhances graphics capability

    The group has updated its open-source suite of desktop applications, saying the new release enhances the ability of users to create charts and other graphics from spreadsheet data.

  • Sun seeks developers help to make Solaris ubiquitous

    Sun Microsystems has great ambitions for the commercial and open-source versions of its Solaris operating system, hoping to achieve for Solaris the kind of ubiquity already enjoyed by Java. To come close to reaching that goal, Sun needs to reach out more to developers and endeavour to overcome some long-held prejudices against the OS.

  • Sun upgrades Solaris package

    Sun Microsystems is sprucing up its Solaris Express Developer Edition, which features the Solaris OS bundled with tools, by supporting enhanced application development for multicore processors.

  • NZ Post’s SOA move cuts operational costs by 70%

    NZ Post is claiming a 70% reduction in IT operating costs, after moving to a service-oriented architecture and open-source operating system — despite saying it is just 30% through its transformation journey.

  • Sun's 25th birthday raises open questions

    Developers by the thousands flocked to the International Convention Centre in Hyderabad, India, last week as Sun Microsystems kicked off the second leg of its world-spanning series of Tech Days conferences. The theme of the event was “shape your future” — and indeed, no slogan could be more appropriate for Sun, its developers and its partners.

  • Sun, Intel announce server pact

    Sun Microsystems has announced an alliance with Intel, a move that will greatly expand Sun’s involvement with the chip maker and continue its slow and long embrace of the x86 world.