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  • Sun woos developers to the grid at a dollar an hour

    Sun Microsystems has rolled out several incentives to draw developers into creating applications for the Sun Grid, the company announced at the recent JavaOne Developer Conference, held in San Francisco.

  • GNU Linux licence for Java platform

    The Java platform will be directly available on open source systems such as Linux, according to an announcement made at the JavaOne conference in San Francisco last week.

  • Sun’s spanning tree creator speaks out

    One week I get to see Tim Berners-Lee, the Father of the web, and the next week I get to meet with the “Mother of the internet”. What more could a networking editor ask for?

  • Sun to open source Java - no timetable set

    Sun Microsystems says it plans to open source Java, but said before it does so company officials have to be certain the move won't lead to diverging paths in the code.

  • Sun fleshes out new storage strategy

    Sun has announced a four-part strategy for data management that focuses on identity management, virtualisation, security and hardware/software integration.

  • Eclipse still wants Sun to join the Foundation

    With enterprise application development largely dividing into two camps — the Java-derived Eclipse faction on one side and Microsoft’s .Net on the other — it would seem that Java founder Sun Microsystems would choose to align itself with the Eclipse Foundation. But Sun remains outside Eclipse, although an open invitation remains to participate in the open source tools organisation.

  • Sun CIO has many priorities

    You might expect a leading Silicon Valley technology vendor like Sun Microsystems to spend, if not lavishly, at least more than the average company on its own internal IT.

  • McNealy pumps open standards, open source

    Government agencies need to move towards open standards and managed services to cut IT costs and improve service to customers, Sun Microsystems chief executive Scott McNealy said during his keynote speech at the recent FOSE (Federal Office Systems Expo) conference in Washington DC.

  • Retirement not so sunny for CFO

    After a four-month search, Sun Microsystems has found someone to replace outgoing chief financial officer Steve McGowan — his predecessor.

  • Security to blame for Sun Grid stumble

    Security concerns from the US Department of State have hampered the long-delayed rollout of access to a massive Sun Microsystems computer grid at the rate of US$1 per CPU hour, a Sun executive says.

  • Sun to end Trusted Solaris

    Sun Microsystems is changing the way it produces a secure version of its Solaris operating system, a decision that will mark the end of the product known as the Trusted Solaris Operating Environment.

  • Sun sees beyond ICAN purchase

    Sun is re-branding technology it gained from SeeBeyond, mixing it with in-house software and presenting the package as the Sun Java Composite Application Platform Suite, or Java CAPS. Sun acquired SeeBeyond, with its Integrated Composite Application Network (ICAN) technology, for US$387 million (NZ$570 million) last year.