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  • NIWA supercomputer back online

    NIWA confirmed today that the organisation's supercomputer, on which attempts were made by unauthorised parties late last week to gain access, was put back online on Saturday evening and all services resumed.

  • AUT gets a supercomputer, courtesy of Gen-i

    Telecom’s ICT services division Gen-i has donated a supercomputer to AUT University that will now be used to support student learning and boost research for radio astronomy.

  • U.S. Energy lab nabs 10-petaflop supercomputer for research

    The <a href="">U.S. Department of Energy</a> today said it would use IBM's 10-petaflop Blue Gene supercomputer to help researchers design ultra-efficient electric car batteries, understand <a href="">global climate change</a> and dig up space exploration mysteries.

  • Supercomputer project a super IT stunt

    At Purdue University recently, the IT staff built a supercomputer. A world-class supercomputer. Out of PCs. Using just local IT talent. (OK, a team from Indiana University also helped). And it was done in less than a day.

  • Alleged Cisco hacker convicted in Sweden

    A 19-year-old from Uppsala, Sweden, has been found guilty on seven counts of unauthorised access to Swedish university servers and research computers. He is also suspected by the US Federal Bureau of Investigation of breaking into servers at Cisco Systems and stealing classified source code.

  • NZ science needs more IT grunt: report

    Kiwi scientists need two different kinds of supercomputers, but their big-computing needs aren&#8217;t being fully met, says a report on New Zealand&#8217;s science infrastructure just released by the Research Infrastructure Advisory Group (RIAG).

  • InterGrid aims for smart, on-demand supercomputing

    There are better ways of providing supercomputing services than running a single huge set of processors in a country remote from most major markets, NZ Supercomputer Centre technology chief Scott Houston has discovered.

  • Stormy weather strikes rival forecasting agencies

    A mediator has been appointed to smooth out the stormy relationship between MetService and the National Institute for Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA), following allegations that farmers have suffered because the two don&#8217;t cooperate enough.