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  • Wi-Fi client surge forcing fresh wireless LAN thinking

    Carnegie Mellon University, which saw 1,000 brand-new Wi-Fi clients appear on its campus <a href="">wireless</a> LAN this past semester, is experiencing the kind of device surge that's forcing IT groups all over to adapt to a new, more dynamic radio environment.

  • iPad case made from kangaroo debuts Down Under

    The next time you hop down to your nearest electronics store to buy a new pouch for your <a href="">iPad</a>, be aware it could be made from kangaroo.

  • Top Web sites have an iPad preference

    The top 500 Web sites are catering more to the <a href="">iPad</a> than they are to <a href="">Android</a> <a href="">tablets</a>, according to tests by Blaze Software.

  • Smartphones and tablets create huge corporate security challenge

    Adapting security and management for the new generation of <a href="">mobile devices</a> -- everything from the <a href="">Apple</a> <a href="">iPhone</a> and <a href="">iPad</a> to Google <a href="">Android</a> devices to name a few -- is turning out to be a huge <a href="">corporate challenge</a>.

Features about tablet PCs
  • Four reasons why you don't really need a tablet PC

    Tablet PCs are the in thing right now. In fact, you'd be hard put to walk into any sort of electronics store today and not be bombarded with displays for the latest and greatest tablet. But are tablets all they're cracked up to be? Or has Apple and its uber popular iPad duped consumers into tablet envy, and its competitors into a mad scramble to develop their own "iPad rivals?"

  • iPad 2 and iPhone 5: What's coming?

    Kyle Wiens and his team at iFixit, a Web site that provides free repair manuals and advice forums, are some of the smartest Apple geeks around. They've taken apart countless iPhones, Macs and iPads to see what makes them tick-and, of course, to find out how to repair them.

  • Android 3.0 tablet: Five key features

    Tablet application developers can rejoice now that Google has released its software development kit for Android 3.0, the new edition of the platform designed specifically for tablets.