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  • Microsoft: Buy Windows 7 today, keep same PC for Windows 8 upgrade

    Any computer running <a href="">Windows</a> 7 will be upgradable to <a href="">Windows 8</a>, <a href="">Microsoft</a> said today while pledging to keep hardware requirements level or even lower when the next version of Windows comes out.

  • Apple iPad love-fest has no end in sight

    Apple iPad owners have largely been happy with their tablet computer purchases from the start, and surprising new findings from a University of Missouri survey shows that satisfaction levels keep going up.

  • Microsoft's aversion to iOS and Android gives QuickOffice a chance

    It's unlikely you've ever picked up a phone and said, "Hey, this would be great for building spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations!" Yet vendors are developing mobile document viewers and editors in abundance for iPhones, <a href="">Androids</a> and other <a href="">smartphones</a> -- and now tablets as well.

  • Apple App Store downloads hit 15 billion

    The mobile app boom is showing no signs of slowing, as <a href="">Apple</a> has announced that its App Store for <a href="">iPhone</a> and iPad apps had hit 15 billion downloads.

  • TouchPad impresses, but it's no show-stopper

    Over the Fourth of July weekend, while most of America was grilling burgers, watching parades or viewing fireworks, I was exploring HP's new TouchPad tablet. It arrived on the Friday before the holiday weekend and I spent much of the long weekend trying to see how it would fits into my life and work style.

  • Will Ballmer's CES keynote feature Windows 8 tablets?

    Microsoft CEO <a href="">Steve Ballmer</a> took the keynote stage at CES this year to show off new tablets running Windows 7, but he's still <a href="">waiting for people to buy them.</a>

  • US Army wants soldiers to have advanced smartphones, wireless technology

    As the U.S. Army ponders how to give every soldier a <a href="">smartphone loaded with apps for military purposes</a> -- and be able to support global communications not only with commercial cellular networks like Sprint, Verizon or AT&amp;T -- it is also exploring how it can quickly set up its own <a href="">wireless</a> network almost anywhere in the world.

  • Cisco Cius is not a tablet

    Despite its inevitable comparisons to the popular Apple iPad, Cisco's Cius is viewed more as another entry point into Cisco's collaboration ecosystem and less as the company's entry into tablet computing.

  • Apple plugs phishing hole on developer website

    The hacker group that flagged a vulnerability on an <a href="">Apple</a> <a href="">development website</a>, a vulnerability that could have led to phishing attacks against Mac OS X, <a href="">iPad</a> and iPad developers, says Apple finally fixed the hole that was identified two months ago.

  • Trials of iPad enterprise adoption

    Earlier this year, New York-based law firm Proskauer completed a massive technology redesign that would make Silicon Valley tech companies gush with envy. At the heart of the redesign was the Apple iPad 2.

  • Want an all-purpose tablet? Avoid Cisco and Avaya

    With <a href="">Cisco</a> finally saying it will charge $750 for its <a href="">Cius tablet</a>, there's a lot of comparisons being made between it and the <a href="">iPad</a>, but those comparisons are misleading.