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  • Cisco appealing EU approval of Microsoft/Skype union, again

    Cisco is reportedly attempting to persuade Europe's second-highest court that it should overturn the European Union's approval of the Microsoft/Skype union, an $8.5 billion blockbuster originally announced by the companies two years ago.

  • CSIRO telepresence robots connect students with National Museum

    The National Museum in Canberra and CSIRO are trialling a virtual tour system using robots called B1 and B2. The robots, which contain telepresence technology, navigate the galleries of the Museum with a human staff member on hand to explain the exhibits.

  • Unified Communications Success Depends on Changing Habits

    Disrupting the way employees interact is often risky. And deploying <a href="">unified communications (UC) tools</a> can be riskier than other enterprise software rollouts because it affects employees' ingrained habits. "People move at their own pace around [this] technology," observes Barry Libenson, CIO of Land O'Lakes. "It's not like a new ERP system."

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