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  • Oracle makes 'big data' push even bigger

    Oracle is doubling down on "big data" with a number of new products and enhancements to existing ones, in hopes that customers looking to analyze massive amounts of information for business insights will in turn invest further in Oracle.

  • Thomson Reuters CEO leaves weeks after admitting Eikon switchover errors

    Thomson Reuters chief executive Tom Glocer is set to step down, a month after he <a href="">expressed serious regret for the fast pace of the company's troubled billion dollar market desktop switchover</a>.

  • Smartphones and tablets create huge corporate security challenge

    Adapting security and management for the new generation of <a href="">mobile devices</a> -- everything from the <a href="">Apple</a> <a href="">iPhone</a> and <a href="">iPad</a> to Google <a href="">Android</a> devices to name a few -- is turning out to be a huge <a href="">corporate challenge</a>.

  • London Stock Exchange says Millennium IT migration a success

    Xavier Rolet, chief executive at the London Stock Exchange, has hailed the "successful" migration of its technology to the <a href="">new Millennium Exchange platform</a>, following several weeks of severe problems.

  • London Stock Exchange calls crisis meeting

    The London Stock Exchange has called an urgent meeting next week with price data vendors, in an attempt to solve the <a href="">serious market stock price irregularities</a> appearing on traders' screens since the exchange launched its new trading software.