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  • TelstraClear tops TrueNet web page speed test

    TelstraClear retained the fastest web page download in the country during September under TrueNet's monthly speed test.
    According to TrueNet, "Users on TelstraClear’s cable network saw a test page load in less than quarter of a second, even faster than last month’s result down from 0.20 second to 0.15 seconds in September (please note that in an earlier version of this article these figures were wrongly attributed to Telecom Retail). That far outstrips the next nearest rival, Telecom Retail, which slipped slightly this month and went 0.30 to 0.38 seconds.
    “Both WorldxChange and Vodafone saw marked improvements over their August results but still have a long way to go to catch up to TelstraClear’s cable results," says TrueNet's John Butt.
    According to a TrueNet media release "TrueNet gathers its information from an army of volunteers whose experience is monitored on an ongoing basis all month. The number of volunteers and the number and variety of tests run means TrueNet can report on the experience from a customer’s point of view with a high degree of certainty about the results.
    "TUANZ and TrueNet are working together to produce independent, high quality third party data on the telco environment in New Zealand to better help New Zealanders understand and manage their telco services."
    TUANZ chief executive Paul Brislen says TrueNet’s service helps users better understand the complexities of the industry.
    “TrueNet’s results allow customers to compare apples with apples and really understand what it is they’re getting from their providers. The range and depth of the testing enables users to understand the variations in the market and to make their buying decisions accordingly."

  • Broadband monitor puzzled by lack of VDSL service in NZ

    Broadband measurement specialist TrueNet has expressed surprise that more New Zealand ISPs are not offering VDSL services. Its most recent series of measurements show VDSL offers significantly faster speeds than ADSL or even dedicated cable.