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News about UMTS
  • Vodafone to offer 900MHz service next year

    Vodafone intends to use its 900MHz spectrum to provide a cellular broadband service with longer reach and better building penetration than its current UMTS HSDPA offering.

  • UMTS: carrying the world on its shoulders

    For effective, efficient communications, standardisation is critical, and nowhere is this more evident than in the areas of mobile computing and cellular telephony.

  • Vodafone shows off HSDPA

    New Zealand will get a taste of the next generation high-speed network technology for GSM/UMTS operators later today when Vodafone demonstrates HSDPA to media.

  • Telecom sticks with EV-DO

    In the wake of Telstra announcing the decommissioning of its CDMA mobile phone network in favour of a UMTS one instead, speculation is mounting that Telecom too will do the same so as to secure roaming for customers in Australia.