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  • Union rejects victory claim by Telecom

    Telecom and contractor Visionstream are claiming victory in their industrial dispute with the engineers union, which brushes that off as a sign of desperation.

  • Apple faces labour protesters in Taiwan

    Apple has come under fire this week for working conditions at one of its Asian component suppliers.
    This time, attention has fallen on Taiwanese company Wintek, which makes TFT panels for LCD displays; the company has also recently been rumoured to be involved in the construction of an Apple tablet device.

  • Let's organise, says US IT union leader

    Labour unions don’t have much of a presence in the US high-tech industry. Marcus Courtney, president of the Seattle-based Washington Alliance of Technology Workers, or WashTech, says that hurts white-collar American IT workers, who are losing jobs to offshore outsourcing. Courtney talks about issues affecting IT employees.

  • Non-union workers' council for SAP

    SAP has taken steps to form a workers council comprised of non-union employees in an effort to fend off what the German software vendor views as the harmful influence of unions on its “start-up” company culture.